Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Touring and More...

HQ for Adventure
If you are looking for crowds and neon, you've come to the wrong place!

The Blue Ridge Parkway ends here, but there's no limit to the adventure.

Ask us where you can go to loose yourself!
<p>Lodging with Quality Standards!</p>
<p> Lodging with Quality Standards!
Lodging with Quality Standards!
We set the bar high, so you get what you expect.
<p>Get Outside and Enjoy</p>
<p> Get Outside and Enjoy
Get Outside and Enjoy
Maggie is for the Adventurer. Get Up, Get Out!
<p> Yum!
Give your taste buds a vacation too!
<p> Discounts!
Save at Lodging, Dining and more!

Maggie Valley, North Carolina

Maggie Valley Lodging featuring hotels, motelsvacation rentals and cabins. Our Members embrace hospitality. Over a century ago this area and Waynesville, NC became known as the “Gateway to The Smokies“. Today, Maggie Valley is a welcome escape from the hectic everyday world and the heat of the south. We are the the quieter side of the Smokies. Rest and tranquility are the favorite pastime of this quaint town. Kicking back in a rocker is our favorite thing to do. Nights skies are free of light pollution, so star gazing is popular as well.

Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Skiing, and more...

Maggie Valley NC
Maggie Valley NC

Come Explore Year-Round.

Folks arrived all summer long to escape the heat of the south and to enjoy a vacation the cool temperatures our high elevations offer. Maggie Valley is one of the highest towns east of the Mississippi. 3,200 feet, nearly 1,500 feet higher than Gatlinburg, Tennessee. That makes summertime temperatures in the area 10-15 degrees cooler. Average daytime highs being in the 70s to low 80s. Winters are cold enough to make snow. Cataloochee often enjoys more than 3 months of skiing conditions. Thinking about an off season trip. The area is best enjoyed during the shoulder seasons. Less traffic. Beautiful weather. Great access to everything great in the Smokies. Call one of our lodging members to see what times are best for your visit.


We can’t say it loud enough, get out! Thats right, out. Because thats were Maggie is best. Loose the phone, ditch the pad, and enjoy the best mother nature has to offer. Two of the Three most visited national treasures are here. The Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If nature is king, then hiking is an invitation to get an audience. Park the car and take a hike. Pick your ability and find the perfect path to enjoy. Waterfalls, views, history and more await.

If fishing is your thing, the Heritage Trout Waters in Maggie and Jonathan Creek offer an experience to test your skills. Land one of our local gems, the Rainbow Trout. The valley offers numerous points to the creek to make access easy and close by.

The return of the majestic elk to the park is also a must see highlight. The best place to see the elk is at sunrise and sunset in Cataloochee Valley. The valley is accessible from the northern end of Jonathan Creek. Occasionally they wander into Maggie to create traffic jams from mezmerized onlookers.

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